We include a class name to attach a click event handler to all our deleteLink elements. On click, we call a get-request, which will retrieve a partial view of your delete View, and then we'll insert it into a modal and display the modal.

ASP NET Core delete confirmation

This is our script. On click of the delete link, it makes a get-request to our controller's "GetDeletePartial" action, which we'll create below. It sends the param "id" as the ID of your item. In our action, we accept the "id" from our get-request and use it to find the item from our database.

We then return our "Delete" view as a partial view, and include the item as the partial view's model. Lastly, we just need the modal and explain its behavior. The only thing left to do is add the modal HTML markup to our main View and give it the name "deleteModal", and also give the "body" section the id "deleteModalBody". And that's it. This should be a fully functional example. Please let me know if you have questions. Currently I see the delete page in the pop up,can I put only confirmation pop up with delete and chancel button?

I've changed the modal to add new button with delete but how should I invoked the delete action? If you want to continue using the partial view idea, you could change your "Delete" view to not have the delete button, and instead include a delete button next to the close button of the modal window.

mvc delete confirmation modal

I actually see you've done this already, so I'll cover that later in this post. You probably get this error because you didn't specify "Delete" as the action of your form you technically don't have a "GetDeletePartial" action that handles a form-post-request. It should look like We can just add an on-click event to submit your form.

Give this button an id, and also give your delete-form an id. Print Share Twitter Facebook Email.Last post Jul 12, PM by arianit. The delete works well, except it doesn't get the data which I select but it gets the first data in ID order from the database.

I am new on client-side programming, so if someone could help me it would be nice. So how to make the modal take the adequate data to delete?

I am trying to avoid writing javascript. Jul 11, PM bruce sqlwork. Firstly, delete button will find and open the modal based on modal client id that is specified by data-target property, if you check the html source via F12 developer tools you will find all modal with same id, so the first modal will be opened when you click the delete button. You could specify different value for data-target property and modal id. Secondly, for deleting record from modal, you could attach click event to modal delete button, and then you could get id and call controller action method using ajax to delete record.

For more information about how to call controller action using jQuery ajax, please check this link. Jul 12, PM m. Print Share Twitter Facebook Email. Related Links Guidance Samples Videos. FindAsync id ; db. Remove repFilter ; await db. Fei Han - MS Re: Delete Confirm with Bootstrap modal Jul 12, AM Fei Han - MSFT LINK Hi arianit, Firstly, delete button will find and open the modal based on modal client id that is specified by data-target property, if you check the html source via F12 developer tools you will find all modal with same id, so the first modal will be opened when you click the delete button.

Chris Zhao All-Star. Regards, M.In this article, I have explained how can show Bootstrap confirmation pop-up modal before deleting and item from list in ASP. Net Web Application" right pane. Before we begin you can use the below scripts to generate sample database and table which we will be using in this example. Now, as you can see we have some pre-generated template files, so we will be connecting our project with database using ADO.

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Once we are connected, we will be using. Now, we need to create code to make IsDeleted Column to set to true when user confirms to delete any entry from the Emplyee lists.

Go to your Index.

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After deleting the record. That's it we are done, you can download the sample source code. Validate Pop Up Modal using Ajax. Beginform in C MVC. Ask a question Contribute an article Questions Articles. Posted By :- SnehalSawant. Buy us a coffee Become a Patron. Comment Facebook comment's.

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Enter Email and full-name to post. Enter your comment first Note:- skip comments like thank you. Related Posts Bootstrap tabs with dynamic content loading in ASP. Paging, sorting and filtering in ASP.

Related Questions Update page without loading it using PartialView. New transaction is not allowed because there are other threads running in the session.I have done this by adding virtually no customization to the templates generated ASP. Net MVC, and aiming the functionality to be as reusable as possible. If the user confirms, the record will be deleted. In essence, this is what we are trying to do:.

To implement this solution you will need to have the jQuery and jQueryUI libraries. This is pretty much what is automatically generated, with the difference that I have added a class to the delete action link bolded above. These will help me identify the object with jQuery. You will need to add a div tag with the confirmation message to display, simply add this:. This jQuery can be added in individual pages, in my case I added it on the Master Page so it would be reusable across many pages.

Notice we are storing the clicked object on a variable; this is so the dialog knows which link was the one clicked. So we are posting to the Delete action of the Brand controller with an specific ID. When the post is successful, we now need to remove the item from the list.

We do it with this simple line:. What we are doing is locating the closes tr parent, and hiding it… Simple! Your page is now ready, but we need to add the logic on the controller action; there is not view related to the delete action, so you only need to implemented the HttpPost action. This is actually very simple, in my case, here is how I do it:. Hope this helps.

Get Source Code. View all posts by ricardocovo. What version of JQuery you are using? I am using the default one created with MVC project 1.Posted 16 Apr Link to this post. Posted 17 Apr Link to this post. Posted 18 Apr Link to this post. Posted 19 Apr Link to this post.

show confirmation message before delete using bootstrap modal popup in asp.net mvc

Posted 24 Apr Link to this post. Posted 29 Apr in reply to Dimiter Madjarov Link to this post.

mvc delete confirmation modal

Posted 30 Apr Link to this post. Check out the Telerik Platform - the only platform that combines a rich set of UI tools with powerful cloud services to develop web, hybrid and native mobile apps.

Posted 05 May in reply to Dimiter Madjarov Link to this post.

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Posted 06 May Link to this post. Posted 31 May Link to this post. I've implemented the above and it is sortof working. Here is the behavior I'm experiencing:. Posted 31 May in reply to Gary Link to this post. All Products.

mvc delete confirmation modal

Feed for this thread. Member since: Mar Posted 16 Apr Link to this post Hello, How can i add a confirm modal window when deleting a row from the grid? Regards, Daniel. Dimiter Madjarov Admin. Posted 16 Apr Link to this post Hello Daniel, To achieve this you should specify a custom command instead of the default delete command.

In the handler for the custom command you could display the modal window and manually delete the row through the Grid API.

Regards, Dimiter Madjarov the Telerik team. Posted 17 Apr Link to this post Hi Daniel, Here is a sample scenario for adding a custom confirmation box for deleting a row.

Add the custom delete command. Custom "Custom Delete". Click "openWindow". Posted 18 Apr Link to this post Ok,thank you,i will try it. Please let me know if you managed to solve the issue or I could assist you further. Have a great day! All the best, Dimiter Madjarov the Telerik team. Posted 24 Apr Link to this post Hello Dimiter,yes finally it's ok,i managed to make a modal confirmation window,also i managed to remove the close button,in order look more like a modal window.

Thank you for the tutorial how to make a modal window. Member since: Apr Action "GetAll","EntiteExterne". Action "Add","EntiteExterne". Action "Update","EntiteExterne". PageSize Here in this tutorial we are going to explain how you can use the Bootstrap Modal as Delete confirmation. You can use our online editor to edit and run the example code. Confirm delete modal basically asks the confirmation of the deletion if user clicks on yes then it will proceed to delete the record otherwise it will not do anything.

Here we are going to create a function which will create delete confirmation using bootstrap modal. Create Delete Button and bind the modal popup Event. Now call a function which will open a modal asking confirmation. Pass Id Or other data you wish to the function as below. JavaScript Part contains two functions — one for opening the modal and other to perform delete action.

The above function confirmDeleteModal will open bootstrap modal and create a delete button which will call deleteData function on delete button click and pass the id as parameter. May 9, admin. Bootstrap Popover not working.

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Bootstrap table examples. Bootstrap modal makes scrollbar disappear after closing. Disable bootstrap modal window from closing. Change the background color in bootstrap modal. Bootstrap modal appearing below background. Bootstrap date picker example. Bootstrap make input field width wider. Bootstrap 3 image align center. Bootstrap span example.To see more, check out Day 0 for an index. We just gave our users the ability to delete a record from the database in Day 28but a single click does the deed without confirmation.

It would likely be better to at least give them a little prompt to confirm that this is what they were trying to do in the first place.

Modals are made up of a wrapper, an outer and inner container and three common sections that provide default styling and handle proper rendering: the header, the body and the footer. You can represent the basic structure of the modal as follows:. And look….

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Bootstrap Modal Dialogs Modals are made up of a wrapper, an outer and inner container and three common sections that provide default styling and handle proper rendering: the header, the body and the footer. We can then consider the JavaScript related to the view as another asset that needs to be loaded on the full view. We can do things like interact with the ViewBag or the page Model, write code that is parsed by Razor and make use of Html helper methods, all of which can be quite handy.

What we want to do is to add another optional section, much like the scripts section. This will help to keep our core view simple, and keep our related files together in our project. The markup for the modal follows the same basic structure I highlighted above and adds a few other elements to the mix. There are a few ARIA attributes in there for accessibility. Perhaps the most interesting bit in there is the data-dismiss attribute on the cancel button, which tells Bootstrap that this dialog can be hidden when the button is clicked.

Updating Our View Finally, we update our view, adding the modal to the page and including the JavaScript that we need to pull it all together.

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At the bottom of Manage. And look… …we even managed to keep our related files in one place in the solution explorer. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

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